About Us

At Sheeba Hospitality, we offer expert advice across all hospitality services. No matter your vision, our team has the deep domain knowledge required to offer you support every step of the way. We know that hospitality projects can be demanding and an integral part of our ethos is to simplify the process and assist you wherever needed so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Operating since 1990, Sheeba Hospitality is part of Sheeba Group which has become a landmark brand in the UAE by serving thousands of clients. Our ‘customer first’ philosophy is rooted in listening to and doing what’s best for our customers and we pride ourselves in the long-term relationships we build as a result of it.

Our staff are well trained to understand that the beginning of any hospitality experience starts visually so we take the utmost care to only recommend items that are a perfect visual fit for your decor knowing that getting the ambience right is imperative to create an experience that your guests will never forget.

Our deep commitment to service, value and quality doesn’t stop there as we ensure that every single item we recommend is well thought out and orchestrates itself into an experience where your customers will want to keep coming back for more.